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White Hawk Ecovillage's mission is to provide housing that is both ecological and affordable. We are a mixed income community, but most of our member households have low to moderate incomes. Many of us work in occupations that are slowly being squeezed out of the middle class: teacher, cook, cable technician, grant writer, retail worker.

All of us, including our higher-income residents, have demonstrated a strong commitment to make the community work financially for everyone. With half a dozen houses built, we are using a range of creative solutions to address our members' financial needs, including rental arrangements, a lease-to-own contract financed by a higher-income household, a deferred payment plan, and member-to-member private loans. These voluntary arrangements are based on mutual friendship and trust, not charity, and their success depends on the integrity of our members. We're working together to re-create a healthy interdependence and responsibility for our mutual well-being, which we believe is necessary for resilience in times of hardship, but which has all but disappeared from our modern world.

The lifestyle we offer at White Hawk--"homesteading in community"--is unavailable to most low-income families. We're working with supportive neighbors to live lightly on the earth, deepen our connections with the land, grow more of our own food, and increase self-sufficiency. Members of the community are already planting orchards, raising poultry, growing produce, tapping maples, stocking our pond with fish, experimenting with season extension, and more.

Our location is rural, but we're only a short bus ride away from downtown Ithaca, accommodating those who choose to live car-lite or cannot afford heavy reliance on an automobile. We are also active in the larger community, hosting skill shares and participating in a variety of organizations that work toward sustainability and social justice. You can read more about our vision and mission on our website.

We hope you’ll join us in this work by contributing to our cause. Thank you.

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